sore throat lozenges

Where can you buy throat lozenges in Paris and what brands would contain slcohol in them? Some Cepacol and Clorasepticproductsdo in Australia. Thsnks

Posted by Tom
Hüttenfeld, Hessen, Germany
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By "slcohol", do you mean "alcohol"? I'm not certain about France, but in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands, you can buy cough drops at the usual places- grocery stores, pharmacies, petrol stations, etc. I'm not sure which brands would contain alcohol, but most contain menthol. Some brands include Ricola, Fisherman's Friend, and Vicks (spelled "Wicks" in German-speaking countries).

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Mary, I'd probably try a Pharmacy to begin with. They may be able to provide something a bit more effective than the usual over-the-counter Lozenges.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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I don't know where to get alcoholic (if that's what you want) ones, I've never seen them. In addition to the places noted above, you can get them at any newsagent, tobacconist, corner grocery, and at many places in railway stations such as Kiosk. For the alcoholic ones I agree to try a pharmacy, if even they have them. Sorry you feel so bad, especially at Christmas.

Posted by Dina
Fontainebleau, France
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You can purchase Ricola and Fisherman's friend in a grocery store. They are likely to be in the candy aisle. I do not believe either of these have alcohol. If you are trying to avoid alcohol, read the label to see if they have alcool. You can get throat drops with lidocaine from a pharmacy. If they don't speak English, ask for "day pasteel por mal a la gorge" - that's a phonetic spelling so you can pronounce it correctly. Hope you feel better soon!