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solid deodorant, solid sunscreen, chapstick

Are these items--stick-style deodorant and sunscreen, and regular chapstick-- considered to be "liquids", "gels," or otherwise dangerous weapons of mass destruction? I was made bold to ask because of the posting about wet-wipes, about which I'd also been curious.

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I take a sold deodorant in my carry on and put it in the plastic bag as I'm not 100% sure either. Although the regulations are quite clear they still seem to be open to a little bit of interpretation.

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Here's what I found on the TSA website:
"You are permitted to bring solid cosmetics and personal hygiene items as such lipstick, lip balm and similar solids."

There should be no question about the chapstick. Since a stick deodorant is a "personal hygiene item" and a "similar solid" it should also be OK. Unless the sunscreen is also a "solid" - by that I assume they mean it can't be poured or squeezed - you should put it in your checked bag.

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all of the above can be carried on in your 3-1-1 bag! You wont need the COstco-super sized deoderant stick - small solid is fine for 2 weeks (buy there if you need more! - they have most of the same brands if not better!

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since i have witnessed various interpretations of the rules in going through customs, i have made it a rule to just put all the doubtful stuff in my ziploc. my daughter went to canada last week and wouldn't listen to me. she lost her very expensive shampoo, etc at her second checkpoint--it went through the first one. just easier to put it all in the bag than worry.

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I'm a little high maintenance and so when i put my liquids (face wash, makeup, moisturizer, hair goo, etc) in the ziplock there is no space left for my solid deodorant or chapstick. I have travelled atleast 5 times with both in my carryon and not in the ziplock and have never been stopped. Of course that's still not a garuntee but I figure it's much easier to replace than my expensive hair goo :)

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I do not put stick deodorant, or chapstick in the kippy bag. (Kip Hawley is the head of the TSA). Stick deodorant goes in my rollaboard and chapstick is in my pocket. I have not seen stick sunscreen - sunscreen is hard to find in 3 oz. size but I did find one.

Lately, TSA is less interested in liquids. They used to gripe if you had too much stuff in your 1 quart bag, but my wife's is typically ready to burst and they haven't said anything.