smart phone usage in Sardinia, Italy

I will be visiting family for the first time in Sardinia and the person I want to converse with most does not speak english. I have downloaded a couple of translators on my I phone but cannot use them without WiFi - I do not know if they have WiFi - what is your opinion of TEP, an pocket WiFi connector? It is a 3G handled devise.

Posted by Paul
Cedar, IA, USA
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Not an expert by any means...but I believe that would then require 3G service plus either an Italian Data plan (Italian SIM card) or some type of coverage from your provider. Data plans from US providers for overseas use tend to be pricey, this is often discussed on here, try doing a search on "data Plans" or SIM Cards.

Posted by linda
hudson, oh, usa
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Thanks Paul - I appreciate your time - I will check it out. Linda