Skype free to 800 numbers from Europe

Did you know you can make free voice calls, using Skype, to US 800 numbers from Europe? We were in Italy last week, planning on flying home Oct. 31 through JFK. American Airlines cancelled our flight on Oct. 30, apologized that they were unable to rebook us, and said we could call to reschedule if we'd like. We did want to get home, so I used Skype to call American's 800 number in the US; on the first call, I was cut off after 20 minutes on hold but was surprised to see that none of my Skype credit had been used. So I called back, was on hold for almost 2 hours, and we were successfully rebooked through London on Oct. 31, again using no Skype credit. Totally free. Maybe everyone else already knew this, but I found it amazing. I would definitely recommend that all travelers download Skype, and purchase the minimum credit you need (it was $10 for me), just to have the service available for calls to your airlines or banks or whatever.

Posted by Bruce
Whitefish, Montana
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A good reminder Charlene. I also use Skype to make calls to Europe for hotel reservations and to confirm such when in Europe. Also, it's a cheap way to stay in touch with friends around the world. Alert: while Skype-to-Skype calls (including video calls) and Skype-to-800 numbers are free, you need credit in your account to make calls to folks not connected to Skype but the cost is pennies per minute and the credit will expire if you fail to make at least one call every 180 days.

Posted by Debi
Sherman Oaks, CA, USA
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Yes, Skype is pretty cool. Just returned from 2 weeks in Paris and used in my apartment several times on my 7 inch Dell Streak, with no issues at all!
Love it! Happy Travels!!

Posted by Debra
Celina, TX, USA
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Thanks for the post. I will definitely be using Skype on my trip.

Posted by Brad
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When you set up Skype in the US, it's always like making a call from the US. When calling home, just put in the area code and number. If you call a location in Europe using Skype, you have to put in the international access code, country code and number - just like calling from the US.

Posted by Paul
Tuscaloosa, AL
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Just a reminder that you don't have to have a laptop or netbook to use Skype. It will work on most tablets as well as most smartphones through a wifi connection.