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Skydiving or Hot Air Balloon in Spain or Portugal?

Has anyone done either recently in either country?
Interested in recommendations for good companies to go through. Is it something we should book ahead or wait and see if we can get a discount when we get there (July/August)?

Thanks in advance

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Just my opinion, but I wouldn't be looking for discount skydiving or ballooning. Just like I wouldn't look for a discount surgeon. When safety is important, go with a company with a proven track record and good safety policies over one who will over to shave a few euros off the price.

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If you are looking to save money on these activities why not do them closer to home? You could do a lot of extra trips at home for what your airfare to Europe will be.

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Haha, good point on the discount surgeon comment. I'm not looking for a discount company, but some places offer coupons and such that you can usually find at airports and I was just wondering if anyone knew of any.

As far as skydiving elsewhere to save money...I have. Just an adrenaline junkie.

Thanks for your responses so far...

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Most people on this forum skydive here at home, and do things in Europe they can't do here. You save money, and if you skydive near home and twinge an ankle, or worse, it doesn't cost you $30,000 to get home as it might from Europe with a broken leg.:)Or, if you're up for a little alpine climbing, Europe's got real mountains, not those little things around LA that they call mountains.