Skechers shoes?

Has anyone tried the Skechers shoes, yet? Some of the women's styles of sandals are flat and cute; but I wonder how well they would hold up for 3 weeks in Germany/Italy/Austria. Thanks.

Posted by Sally
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I wore a pair of skechers last year in Europe and they held up great. In fact I am taking them back this year.

Posted by BG
Albany, CA, USA
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I think Sketchers are good too. But any shoe, even well broken in ones can turn on you after many many hours of walking. So you should have a back up pair, or be prepared to wear some sandals or flip-flops!

Posted by Natasha
Concord, California
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BG is right. I have countless pairs of super comfortable shoes of all the brands known for their comfort, and they work perfectly fine for my normal daily activities. But once I am on the road, I am amazed how even the most trusted comfy shoes start hurting my feet. I have an over-the-shoulder bag where I can put in a pair of Crocs (the ones with open toes, not too bulky and in a very discreet colour) and take them with me once I go out the door. Just in case.

Posted by Jen
Madison, WI
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Well, I had a different experience with my Skechers. I had a ton of blisters when I wore then all over Amsterdam & Germany last September. I am trying them again this year in France, but I bought some new inserts to hopefully make them more comfortable. I too think they are cute. I also think I have the most sensitive feet in the world!! :) Have a great time on your trip.

Posted by JB
Redding, CA, USA
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My daughter and I wore Teva Sandals during our 8 week trip to Europe. We never had sore feet or blisters.

My daughter has bad feet too.

We bought Birkenstocks once we got to Germany.

When I go to Israel later this year, I will take the Tevas and Birkenstocks.

Posted by shirley
plano, USA
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I have several pairs of skechers. The ones that are lace up sneakers - I have played ball in them and walked a lot - they provide pretty good support. I don't have totally flat feet - but my arches are fally.

I have another pair of basic lace up black shoes (look like steel toe work shoes) - and they are VERY comfortable throughout the day.

I've had a pair of thick sole sandals - way comfortable for standing - irritating for a lot of walking (on the top of my feet).

I have a pair of slip on sneakers (the track shoe style). They feel so good - like slippers - and they look great. But, my feet are tired/sore after a lot of walking and standing on concrete.

I LOVE skechers - but I am considering another brand for my Europe trip. I think the shoes with thicker soles will provide a little more comfort.

Posted by Laura
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I too am thinking about bringing Sketchers on my trip to Europe. They are a basic lace up tennis shoe, but very comfy and light. I wore them for 5 days of heavy walking in Disneyland and they were very comfortable, but that was walking on even, flat ground. I think they will be excellent as a back-up if my feet are tired of my heavier walking shoes during lighter travel days. An insole would be a huge help as their sneakers don't have too much cushioning/arch support.