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Should be on our way to Frankfurt

We should be in a taxi right now heading for the airport to start our (2) back-to-back RS tours. We’ve canceled several trips to Spain in the past to go to Egypt, Turkey, South Africa and the Galapagos. For some reason we opted for the 12 day Portugal tour and the eight day Barcelona Madrid tour this year. Our thinking was to do back-to-back tours of Spain next year while spending time in Frankfurt before the tour. I’m beginning to think Spain isn’t going to happen for us! 😷

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I feel your pain but I still have some hope left. We were supposed to be on a plane tomorrow bound for a month in Morocco. We will get there at some point but maybe not until 2022. Keep the faith. Stay healthy and fit in the meantime.

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Diane, a year ago today I was on a plane to France for a 3-week trip. This year I was supposed to be flying to Italy next Wednesday.

I blocked off next Wednesday to have breakfast at a local special restaurant that’s new to me, stop in at the local bakery which makes delicious French macarons, and we will take a drive someplace within a couple of hours.

Also, I’ll be making lots of homemade authentic Italian recipes that I’ve been searching on-line. Trying to make the best of the situation and very grateful to not have the Covid.

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Diane, We were supposed to be flying to Stockholm today in anticipation of our
RS Scandinavia tour. Hopefully next Fall it will be safe to travel! Fingers crossed.

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Jean, I love your idea to treat yourself to some local flavor from your hoped-for destination. I would have been leaving on Sept 1st on the first leg of my trip that included 3+ weeks in Poland. I think I'll check to see if our local Central European restaurant is open and treat myself to a Polish dinner!

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I was to be in Hungary tonight and found myself inspired to purchase a Hungarian entree I’ve eyed many times and hadn’t yet tried. While we can’t be where we intended to be, at least we can eat like we are!