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Shorts in Italy ( Taboo)

Me and the wife wore shorts in Italy to Pompei and some of the other destinations in southern Italy on the trains (we wore pants in Rome) BUT guess what? no one sat with us on the train, They stood beside us like we had the plaque. we heard its taboo in Italy to were shorts anytime!!!! but it did gives us leg room

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We wore shorts some, pants some, whatever seemed appropriate to the weather. No repercussions....

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I agree with the above post. Traveled to Italy and Europe in general over the years. In fact I have family in Italy. I always wore shorts.My family wears shorts. Maybe they did not like your legs! Only kidding.

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Shorts in Italy definitely aren't taboo. I just returned from my 5th trip and wore shorts 90% of the time and never had any problems. Don't know where you heard it was taboo to wear shorts, but experience tells me otherwise.

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That's interesting...we were in Italy over Christmas. I seems this year's "IT" fashion was winter shorts, meaning we saw endless Italian women slavishly wearing them everywhere, with either boots or high heels. The stores were full of them, too. Hmmm...what were you wearing with your shorts? ;-)

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Well, I'm guessing the Italian women who were wearing the shorts were slim and had good legs. Many Americans do not!

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We just returned from Florence & Rome and wore shorts a lot. You won't find Italian men wearing shorts in general. It did seem to mark us as tourists . . but then again, the minute we opened our mouths you could tell that. My husband had a lot of 'friendly' men checking for his wallet which was luckily securely zipped in pocket.

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For all people warn you that shorts aren't allowed in churches, they don't care as long as they're long enough to go below your knee. I got into every church in Italy like this, including St. Marks, St. Peter's, and Siena and Florence's Duomos, wearing them and a T-shirt.

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All of the soccer players in Italy wear shorts and they are adored.