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Short term Cell phone for Ireland


Does anyone have any thoughts on a short term Cell phone for Ireland? I have a sick parent that I will be leaving in the states and it is important that I can be reached.

Thank you!

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Rick- Have you heard of Tracfone? They are a pay as you go cell. You can buy a basic one at Wal Mart, Sam's Club, grocery stores. You buy cards to recharge them. They come in many increments, 60 min plus. I bought a very basic one for $20. I think 60 minutes is around $20-25. According to, you can use them internationally for the same cost. You can buy the minute cards, or buy more minutes on line or by phone. I have not used it overseas, but plan to in August when my husband and I go to Ireland. Good luck!

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Please disregard the advice to buy a phone in the US. US phones do not work abroad usually.

I travel to Ireland frequently and have a phone that I bought OVER THERE - it is a "to go" phone, as they call them, which means that I pay only for the calls that are made. An Irish phone will be able to call the US and the US can call Ireland on them. These phones are easily available in Ireland in just about every shopping centre and are marketed by many different phone companies. You do not pay for incoming phone calls at all - even those originating in the USA.

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THANKS!!! I did visit all the major cell phone companies today... BOY, they are the definition of "slimy sales person". Do you have an idea of cost?

Thanks again,

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You could also look at Mobal phones -- Rick Steves recommends them. You purchase the phone for $49, then pay only for calls made. Go to for information

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I took my Motorola cell to 5 countries in Europe (including Republic of Ireland) and it worked everywhere, even on the trains. It has a tri-mode chip. I just had to call my cell company (Cingular)24 hours before departure to "turn it on over there."

It can be quite expensive, so do be sure to get the rates. I found it very convenient to have over there, especially for texting. For longer phone calls, I just purchased a calling card and called home from a landline to keep the cell bill down.

Just an idea...