Shoes for narrow feet.

Although this question has been addressed, I'm starting to obsess about it. How can you tell if a particular sole will be safe on wet cobblestones? It is difficult to find shoes for my long, skinny feet---will my New Balance walking shoes be adequate? Thank you

Posted by Rosemary
Lakewood, CO
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Mary - I don't know how long and skinny your feet are but I wear an 11 AAA and my New Balance walking shoes work great all over Europe. Also have SAS sandles that are very good. Happy travels with happy feet

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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I don't think you can tell until you own them. At home, pour some water on a smooth tile floor and try to slide (do hold on to something). That should tell you.

Posted by Elaine
Mission Viejo, Calif., USA
820 posts and offer a brand - Munro They offer narrow widths. You get free shipping, both directions, with Zappos. No questions asked. offers free shipping to your door. If you want to return the shoes, you can go to one of their stores, or send them back at your own cost. Munro shoes are very supportive, last a long time and are very comfortable. They are also American made.

Posted by Joseph
Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.
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I wear size 10 1/2 AA New Balance shoes. They met my needs this year in Rome and Sorrento; in 2010 in Salzburg, Vienna, and Budapest; in 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002 in Portugal, Florence, Venice, Sicily...and so on. I have never tripped or slipped once on any trip when wearing these shoes. I was stupid for wearing Bass Weejuns on a trip to San Francisco in 1978; By late afternoon of the first day, I hobbled back to my hotel and retired the Bass Weejuns to the closet. Walking the rest of the trip in running shoes made the trip memorable in a good way! Best wishes

Posted by Mary
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Thank all of you so much for your help---looks like my 10.5 AA New Balance shoes won't be left at home.

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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Take some moleskin and GlacierGel or similar. They are small, lightweight items that can save your feet. I never plan on a long walk without them in my bag.