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Shipping home my dirndle and lederhosen

So we bought some decent German wear off e-bay and are taking them to Germany. We paid USD and will be packing them with our luggage. My thought was that after we wear them, I would mail them home - possibly with whatever purchases we have made up til then. What is my best method to "prove" these were not purchased in Germany and avoid having them be flagged by customs? My husband probaby has the ebay receipt in his e-mail. Do I carry it with me or enclose it? And for other purchases that we might make - you have to claim this on the outside of the box? With what and how - is there a form or something? Am I creating a headache for myself by shipping some purchases and some of my own together?

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When I lived in Europe, I was advised to mark things that I had purchased in States and was returning home as "American Goods Returned" on the package.

Go to the "know before you go" brochure on the CBP website.

Open the pdf and search on the phrase "American Goods Returned". It explains what qualifies for this.