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Sensitive Question

I have a question for intrepid travelers on this site. My husband was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and hast to have a catheter for our trip to Switzerland and Italy this summer. I was hoping that maybe someone in this group had some experience with how to overcome discomfort while hiking. Is it possible or do we have to put our hiking plans on hold? I’m sure we are not the only ones that have had to deal with this issue as we are an aging population!

Thanks in advance!

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I am sorry that you and your husband are facing this challenge.

I quickly did a search and found that there are many forums and sites that provide support and information for individuals living with catheters. I wonder if asking this question on one of those sites might yield a higher volume of responses?

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I just wanted to add my warm thoughts for you right now.

My dad was recently diagnosed and had surgery a few weeks ago. He insisted on going to work less than a week after (with catheter). We were quite put out with him, but he did fine. He's now in Ukraine delivering supplies (though his catheter is out now).

I'm sorry I don't have advice about hiking, but I hope he (and you!) will feel well for your trip and have a lovely time!

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Are you talking about an indwelling catheter? Or are you talking about him having to do intermittent catheterization? If the former, try using the leg strap in different positions on his leg to see what is most comfortable. Taping might help to alleviate tugging as well.
If the latter, there are enclosed systems available.
I hope you find a solution!