Savvy Travel Journal

If you could design your own travel journal/trip log (sort of a fill in the blank type) what pages would you add? I have done my own for years, but now have a need to make it a bit more complete. Below is a list of the pages/sections that I currently have. Thanks Cover page with General Destination Weekly Itinerary w/ general hotel/train info Daily itinerary with specific hotel/train/flight info as well as memorable meals, moments, sights, route traveled and general impressions of the day Lots of pages for additional sketching, notes, random thoughts complete with a wonderful travel quote on each page (about 25 xtra in this section) General Packing List for clothes, electronics, additional items, personal items Brief List of favorite websites and travel apps (of course RS Helpline) Brief List of favorite European Movies, Music to get in the mood Brief Reminders List (Call CC company, copy passport, etc) Last page is a copy of a portion of the map of Paris that my dad carried when he was in WWII, complete with the fold marks, weathered corners as well as the inscription 'Luxembourg 1-22-45' written on the top in his handwriting. It's one of those beautiful maps with the buildings, roads, etc. all sketched. That page is there just because. As I said this is a travel journal/trip log, so I need to keep the extra info brief and to the point, but is there anything else that would be appropriate to add? Also, I do have an envelope in the back for ticket stubs, etc. The book is not huge, so easy to carry. Final size is 6x9. Thanks, Terry Kathryn

Posted by Nancy
Costa Mesa, CA, USA
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I'd include a envelope or pocket for holding business cards and the little pieces of paper I always seem to accumulate on a trip.
How cool to have a map drawn by your father!!!

Posted by Claudia
Land of La
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An additional front and back page of words and phrases in the language of the country/countries you are visiting. Always helpful when asking directions and ordering food. If you have business cards, maybe an envelope included for a few of those or I often take post cards from the state where I live to hand out to people I meet. Post cards of Yosemite, Hollywood, San Francisco, The Central Valley, Mt. Shasta,
Redwoods, Southern California beaches, etc. How wonderful to be able to carry your father's map with you.

Posted by Terry kathryn
Ann Arbor, Mi
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Thanks for the ideas. I will be adding a few things. However, this journal is not just for me. I have my travel artwork sold in home d├ęcor stores and one of the store owners has traveled with me and seen the journals I make for myself, so she has me making them to sell in her store. So they need to be a bit generic and not country specific... more general Europe. The map was not drawn by my dad... it was one of those maps that were probably used as a tourist souvenir and since he is no longer alive and we never talked about the map, I assume he bought it while in Paris during the war and then brought it home. My nephew now has the original and it is about 24x30 so I scanned it and now have copies for myself and kids, but wanted to add a portion of it in the back of the journal.

Posted by Sarah
Calgary, Ab, Canada
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I like blank pages vs. lined-that way I can draw or take notes or whatever! It's hard to find journals with blank pages. For drawing a blank page moleskin is OK, but I take a second more substantial one for my daily journalling (where the ink won't bleed through). Very cool idea!

Posted by Beth
Boulder, Colorado, USA
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A page of road signs would be handy, like the one in RS phrase books. Country specific emergency numbers and embassay info - or a page to fill in that info. A sleeve to put postcards and addresses of the people you want to send them to.
Sounds like a fun project!

Posted by Terry kathryn
Ann Arbor, Mi
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Thanks again all... it is a fun project, but one of those that I could keep adding to forever. I need to make sure it remains a journal and not a tour book... I am sending them to RS for that. I have added some beautiful unlined Art paper in the back for sketching and drawing (Arches and a few other nice brands I have here) I got used to bringing that along for the grandkids who are artists, so thought I better add some.
I don't like lined paper for my journal writings either... too restrictive.