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Safety in London's neighborhoods

I' traveling soon to England and plan to spend a week in London. I haven't been there for 6 years and politics are different and I'm concerned as to what neighborhoods are safe to get a hotel in and walk around in. What is the situation now? Any suggestions?

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CJ, we were all over London walking and didn't feel the least bit threatened. I will tell you that you are constantly on camera as there are thousands of video cameras everywhere including bus and tube. I probably wouldn't stay in Hackney, but I know no one who does, so all popular places are relatively safe. We stayed across the street from Euston Station, down the street from St. Pancras and King's Cross. Nice neighborhood with plenty of locals out in the evening too.

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kensington is safe and beautiful with easy access to the tube. it also borders hyde park.

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CJ, London is like any big city. For the most part its a safe city, even at night. I am a petite woman and walk around the city without feeling threatened. You do have to keep your wits about you, and keep an eye on your belongings, and be aware of your personal items.

In my 2 visits last year, I stayed once near the London Eye (Premiere Inn) and then last May stayed at the Hilton Wardorf in the Theatre District. Premiere Inn is a little obscure and not as trafficky late night, but I still felt safe walking to my hotel. The Theatre district has more traffic and its on a busier part of town. If you want to have more people around you, stay in the more populated area.

Have fun...

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Last summer I stayed in South Kensington near the Gloucester Road tube station. Felt very safe walking all around. Most of the tourist sites were a tube ride away, but being close to the Picadilly line was very convenient to get to Westminster and also to get to Heathrow.

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As a general statement in most of Europe, you are significantly less likely to be the victim of violent crime than in the US but significantly more likely to be a victim of petty theft (pickpocketting mainly). Still, I have never had a problem so just wear your money belt and you'll be fine.

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Sloane Square area, South Kensington area, Bayswater area are all great. You would be safe in any area you decide to stay. You just have to use your common sense. The average person is on film at least 200 times per day in London. Have a great trip.

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I too stayed in the Kensington area (right across from Kensington Gardens). I stayed last summer alone. Being a 26 year old female walking around alone and lost (!!), I was more excited than afraid!! Hope you have a great visit there!!