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Safe to travel to Greece

Hi. My boyfriend really wants to travel to Greece this year, but I have been concerned with the riots in Athens. Is it a safe time to travel there?

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As part of the agreement to get bailed out by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, the Greek govt has agreed to cut govt salaries and entitlement programs by approx 10% and higher. The islands and country side should be safe, but Athens is going to get worse. It's liable to be safer in Gaza or the West Bank.

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rick just posted an article from his buddy in Greece dispelling the myth of unsafe athens.
Check the "Travel News" tab for the article

Bsicaly they said basically the demonstrations are on a set of streets throught the main town to parliament and main plaza thats it. All the tourist areas and eating & shoping streets and acropolis are not in that area. the mainland and islands are also said to be unaffected from a demonstration point of view. They said if you are too afraid to go then dont - but they encouraged people to not realy on media hype in one small part of the capitol.

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Thanks for the website and the info. I appreciate it!