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Ryan Air vs. Jet Blue

Ryan Air is great for short hops with little or no luggage. Read the print and you won't be surprised. Love using them when in Europe for short trips. Those luggage weights are hard and fast. They will and do nickle and dime you to death otherwise. Wish we had their plan here. On the flip side god help you if you have real regular people travel to do. I.e., 10 days, a 12 year old child and/or husband (that's a joke by the way) and business to do (clothing wise). Wish they had Jet Blue there (although that charging you for a blanket thing is just cheesy). Reasonably priced, NORMAL daytime itineraries, long haul (well for Europe) flights. Anyone know of a European counterpart? Say from London Deathrow to Florence/Athens/Istanbul etc..

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