RS Tour Hotels - Laundry Services

Just wondering if anyone has taken advantage of the laundry service at any of the Italian hotels Rick uses...we were hoping to send some things out on the 3rd or 4th day to carry us this a mistake?

Posted by Erika
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Becky, I have used the laundry services at two hotels (one in Montorossa and the other in France). Everything worked out fine. Not as soft as at home, but I don't line dry my clothes at home like they do in Europe. Everything I took was cotton, so easily washable. I'd much rather spend a little extra money to have a laundry service clean my clothes while I sightsee than spend hours in a laundry mat - I say go for it! (I think it cost about 15 Euros to have one large load washed and dryed).

Posted by Charlie
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Having taken 4 of RS tours, plus extra stays in Europe, we take clothing that is "sink washable" and "quick drying" and do laundry in the room sinks and hang them on a RS purchased rubber clothes line.
We take enough clothes so that we do this every 4th day (+/-). For a person who use to take 14 sets of underware for a 2 week trip, this was quiet a learning experience, but so rewarding in "packing light". Good luck

Posted by CL
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I've done RS best of Italy tour (17 days) and sent laundry out about day 7 or 8 in Monterosso (Hotel Villa Steno, lovely place). But keep in mind it is EXPENSIVE to do laundry because of high utility costs. A very small load was about 13 euro (yes, that's $17!!) whether the hotel staff did it or you did your own. Most of the heavier things weren't all the way dry either. Pack easily rinsed/dried items and you should be fine. Rick's guidebooks are spot on in terms of advice, so if he lists laundry service and says it's ok, it's ok.