Room reservations

I would like to extend my stay in Europe in the hotel the RS uses for our tour. They offered me a reservation. However, they want me to email all of my credit card information. I keep hearing that this exposes me to fraud. They provide me with their telephone number. However, I've not been too successful employing this method. Is the hotel I contacted employing a standard technique for payment?

Posted by Marie
San Diego, CA, United States
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I frequently pay for my hotels via email. You should see somewhere on their official web page that the site is secure. A Rick Steve's hotel! Not likely they're going to kill that golden goose with bogus billing. Did this for a RS tour in Greece with never a problem. We do pay for this sort of thing with a credit card other than the one we use to pay our regular bills on line or for general travel - just in case ya know. The separate card we use has a very low credit line at our request.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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So, the same question twice, and two different answers - both valid. The shotgun approach may or may not hit more targets, but sure makes it difficult for the helping helpers here to work with each other.

Posted by Eileen
Texan in CA
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Although this is a double-post, I'll play along...Some people like to send 2 emails and split their cc# into 2 parts (be sure to specify which part comes first!). Also, are you calling during working hours there?