Rookie exercise question

I like to keep myself fit and after long periods of time with no exercise I feel pretty lowsy. I'm in Italy for awhile and would like to be able to exercise a bit. Can you take running shoes (packing light) Are there parks etc..where you can exercise a bit? What about swimming? I am travelling alone and have a money belt for valuables so I'm assuming swimming is impossible (unless you swim wearing the belt which seems silly to me.)

Posted by bluedenim
vancouver, bc, canada
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exercise is easy when you are traveling. Even just doing some crunches and lunges ect in your room can help. I do that
Depending where you are going you could also check into local gyms as many offere drop in or day passes which is what I have done in paris, london and other such cities. Rnning is easy there are ussing lots of parks but if you don't want to bring running shoes with you I would look at one of the other options.

Posted by Julie
SF Bay Area, CA, USA
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There are plenty of parks for running and some of the larger hotels have gyms and pool. We also found that several of the small places out in the county had pools. I exercise on a regular basis and I didn't have to do anything extra on my last trip to Italy to keep feeling good. I actually ended up wearing my running shoes around town when my other shoes were hurting... It just depends how active you are during the day. We were there during good weather and were walking anywhere from 7-15 miles a day. Add in the 100's sometimes even 1000's of stairs (600 at a time...) and that is a pretty good leg workout in itself.

Posted by Tom
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Europe, particularly the North and West, is much more bicycle-friendly than North America. Rentals are widely available (many hotels offer free lender bikes, and some cities even have refundable park-and-ride lenders) and bike lanes are almost universal in some areas. Italy might be a different story, though.