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Rick travel philosophy in the US

I have used Rick's books in all of my European travel and I love his approach. This summer, I would like to take a road trip in the USA out west and travel Route 66. Does anyone have any experience with good guide books that have Rick's approach but cover this area of the country?

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Click on the "Rick on Radio" tab at the top of this website. On the "North American Roadtrips" archived radio show, Rick Steves talks to a travel writer who specializes in American trips.

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Actually, I don't know of any specific "guidebooks" advocating Ricks travel philosophy that specifically foucs on this area of the country (though I'm sure they exist since I doubt Ricks travel philosophy is unique) however, I might recommend another book:

It's titled "Blue Highways" by William Least Heat Moon, written in the mid 80's sometime I believe.

Again, it isn't a guidebook, I'd categorize it more of a travel essay or travel journal but it was an excellent book and I'm sure you'd find similarities in this book and Ricks travel style.

Essentially the book details a cross country trip the writer took where he avoided almost all big cities and interstate highways and concentrated on the "Blue Highways", the secondary back roads that go through small towns whhere one can really connect with the locals.

Great book.... you might find it interesting and it might even give you an idea or two about some small towns you may want to visit.