rick steves shirt

Anyone know what shirts Rick is wearing in his latest series? They are all long sleeve button down and I'm looking for some like that for my trip. Any help with what he has or other brands that are good for travel and hand washing with no wrinkles. Also same for pants. I was looking a wrinkle free pga tour golf pants that are all light. Similar to the izod line but not sure how those are at washing in the room and drying overnight.

Posted by Monte
Genesee, ID
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I use nothing but Eddie Bauer Wrinkle Resistant Relaxed Fit shirts, both long and short sleeved. They wash in a sink, and I jsut squeeze the water out, put them on a hanger in the shower, shake them a few times over the next few hours, take them out of the shower and hang them on the room door knob, and they are dry in the morning. I like the 100% cotton too. As far as pants go I use nothing but Royal Robbins Global Traveler pants. The respond the the same washing technique. Their good feature is a zippered pocket inside the right front pocket. My Roque wallet and passport are always there. They are nylon.

Posted by Charlie
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I have gone to Europe every summer for a month for the last 10 years. I wear 95% ExOfficio (sp?) shirts, pants, and underwear. Sink washable and overnight drying. It helps with the drying if after hand wringing the item out, put it onto a towel and roll it up and wring it out again. I keep all my valuables in my money belt, not in a zippered pocket.

Posted by William
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Dillard's Gold Label shirts, including long sleeve button down shirts, are 100% cotton and dry overnight virtually wrinkle free. Regular price is about $60 but I've been able to get them on sale for as little as $18.
I have an older pair of Izod microfiber golf pants and they dry overnight without wrinkles

Posted by Michael
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I don't know about Rick's shirts, but did anyone notice the local wearing a friggin' Confederate flag shirt on his newest show in Rome? I thought Europeans were supposed to be so much more enlightened, cultured, sensitive, and aware. Perhaps that person is just plain ignorant, but that flag really only means one thing in 2012, and it has nothing to do with "proud Southern heritage". What if Americans wore Nazi flag tee shirts around here? Unbelievable. I wonder why they wouldn't have just edited that two-second shot out of the final show? Oh, and I did notice that Rick now wears something previously thought to be unheard of in Europe (per popular urban myth)...jeans.