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Rick Steves Convertible Carry-On

Hello Everyone-
I am 5'2 and I was wondering if any females had bought Ricks backpacks. Did it fit you? I am debating on whether to buy one or not. Many people have told me that a backpack needs to fit properly or else I would be uncomfortable. What do you all think? Thank you for your time.

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Jen, I'm 5'4" and the convertible backpack fits me beautifully. I have been considering the rollaboard because I hurt my shoulder (although it seems to be better now) but the thought of giving up my backpack is just too hard to take. The only way to know if it will fit you is to try it because it might depend on your body proportions.
To me there are pros and cons to a rolling bag but I'm not ready to give up my backpack to deal with them yet.

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I have a convertible backpack, and, quite frankly, I don't find myself needing the backpack feature that often. Mostly I use the shoulder strap. Only if I know I am going a substantial distance, do I bother to get out the back straps. The rest of the time, I just put the strap over my shoulder and go.

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I'm 5'1" tall and have used Ricks covertible bag for 20+ years. Very comfortable and plenty roomy. Unless you are planning on major rough hikinng, Rick's bag is fine.