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Rick's Bags for Not So Light Travel

How are Rick's bags (the carry on, specifically) for travel of the non backpacking sort?

I sometimes travel for work for usually a week at a time. I don't carry much but the basics - clothes, bathroom supplies, a few books. It is necessary to bring along a weeks worth of clean clothes as some of the work is outdoors and messy and there often isn't time for laundry. Is Rick's bag large enough for this? It's travel by car, so space isn't really an issue, but I tend to either carry either a couple of duffel bags or a quite hefty suitcase. Rick's bag seems like it might be a good middle ground, but I'm worried it may be a little small.

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The "Rick" bag is expandable. You can easily double the capacity by undoing special straps and a special zipper. But even in its fully expanded mode, it is still smaller then a traditional duffel bag.

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My family of six traveled for three months in Europe. We each had a Rick Steve's suitcase on wheels and we had two of his small bags that fold into themselves for laundry and stuff we bought while we traveled (we mailed several items home). We have used them for several subsequent trips to Europe and around the USA over the years (by road, train, and plane) and they have held up nicely. They are the perfect travel bag.

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Since you travel by care and space is not an issue; why be concerned about cramming a weeks worth of dress clothes into one suitcase.

I also traveled in my work for many many years and know that you can't put suits and dress clothes for a week in one bag.

If you use a folding hanging bag for your dress clothes and shirts, perhaps a 21" Roll Aboard would be enough for your other things.

I did travel for 8 weeks in Europe with only the 21" Roll Aboard and a small day back pack and it was crammed full. Of course the 4 outfits I took were basically winkle free and not for work.