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Rick in Iran

Did everyone read Rick's blog this morning from Iran? Most interesting and it shall be fascinating to follow his stay there.

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I traveled across Iran years ago (mid 1970's) and remember it as an incredibly beautiful country, both in the rural areas and the tree lined boulevards of Tehran. I am looking forward to Rick's impressions of the Iran of 2008.

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FA, Rick Steves travels to, and does podcasts about, lots of places other than Europe. He has many times called India his favorite country to visit (it's not in Europe either last time I checked). Check out the podcasts available for free download under the Rick on Radio button above.

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Good for him. IMO Rick's success has allowed him to become more politically active. His trip to Iran seems to be more politically motivated than travel industry related.

If I were in Rick's position, I'd take time to work on things I wanted to also.

I'm interested to see which side of the two faces of Iran are edited out of his travel show.

Will he show only reasonable sounding Iranians that profess wanting nothing but peace and progress?

Or will he show crowds chanting "Death to America" and "Death to Israel".

The same individual would say they had nothing against America while supporting Iran's involvement in Iraq, helping kill American's and create civil war.

An intellectually honest look would show both sides. We'd be left scratching our heads at the Orwellian double-think that seems to exist there. Then we could have informed discussion about appropriate diplomacy in the troubled region.

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I suppose there is no avoiding the political aspects of a show about Iran, but I guess I'm hoping that it will be like his other shows -- some of the history, where to go, what to see.

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As Jay Leno has said, Iran needs a new slogan: "Death to America" is not working, not to bring in American travelers, anyway. Maybe Rick will advise them on a new travel jingle, something a bit lighter and that avoids using the words "Satan" and "America" in the same sentence.

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F/A checking in...Bonjour!:-)

Looks like there's much more to be discovered on this site!

Up until recently I've pretty much focussed on the Wall and Helpline only. That would explain my curiosity about "Rick in Iran".

Had I explored a little more on this site, I would have known about that. Sorry for that, I didn't mean to annoy anyone.

Gotta Fly...


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I also usually come directly to the Traveler's Helpline, but occassionally do go to the ETBD homepage, to keep up with latest postings by Rick and latest news items - all very interesting. Rick's blog is essential reading, even more so now that he is in Iran.

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FA, I don't think anyone was annoyed. I was surprised when I first discovered the number of out-of-Europe podcasts and such, too.

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I subscribe to Rick's newsletters and got one from him this weekend explaining that he arrived in Iran. His note points to his day to day blog. I highly recommend that if you have time read it.

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Although I am an avid Rick Steves' fan and have purchased many of his products....I disagree on his political views on Iran. Yes I have read the his blogs from Iran.

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As the son of a military father who served in Iran just before the fall of the Shah I have mixed feelings on Rick's trip...

My father always spoke highly of the Iranian people, and spoke poorly of their government - the one we were propping up at the time... Reading Rick's initial blog comments, it seems that in 30 years nothing has really changed there - The people are still great and the government is still a disaster.

With friends currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan I worry of Iran's "involvement" in these areas... and thus, for their safety, I am wary of the "hand that reached out from Iran."

Interesting that this can spark such debate, even on this "travel" helpline board!

BTW - is it me, or is that Rick flying 1st class on the picture that accompanies his blog????


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I have several friends from Iran--all warm, intelligent people. I'm proud of Rick for doing his show there to help relations between our countries. Reading the graphic novel Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi is another good way to see Iran through new eyes.

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'The people are still great and the government is still a disaster.'

Sounds like here.

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I've decided to delete my previous post as it was political and disagreed with Rick which caused some uproar amongst his flock.

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632 posts to post a link to Rick's admonision not to go to Israel? We are going to Israel this fall...and when I mentioned it to Rick the last time he spoke here in SF, he was enthusiastic about our destination.