Renting an Apt in Paris 10th or 18th?

We will be traveling to Paris and want to rent an apt. Debating between an apt in Montmartre on Rue du Capitaine Madon/Av de Saint- Ouen or an apt in Canal St. Martin on Rue Vicq d'Azir/Ave Claude-Vellefaux. Anyone familiar with these neighborhoods? Pros and cons? Thank you.

Posted by David
Bellevue, WA, USA
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maybe canal st martin is better but you should verify if each has close metro access. my experience was i hardly spend any time in the apartment i rented (out all day) and only get back pretty late to sleep. so as far as it's close to metro you should be ok.

Posted by Bets
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The problem is that neither is in a very centalized location. The Monmartre one is on the back side of the hill close to Guy Moquet metro, very north. The other is in fact not on the canal but a hefty block away from the canal over near the Col. Fabien metro, which is on a short little line. The first one has slightly better metro service, but you'll have to do a lot of changes in either location.

Posted by Nancy
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Not sure when you're trip is or what your budget is but I think you can definitely do better location-wise. If you can't find something within your budget in a more centrally located arrondisement, at least try to find something close to a metro station on a main line (or with good connections to a main line).

Posted by Susan
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I'd keep looking if I were you, I wouldn't enjoy either location.

Posted by Lola
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Thank you for your replies. Will look into it.

Posted by Dawn
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Check out They have many apartments in more desireable neighborhoods.

Posted by Susan
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