(Relatively) Warm Places in February?

My family and I have the opportunity to travel for four weeks during the month of February and wondered whether it made any sense to consider Europe give that we are living in a place with four seasons (i.e. winter in February) and would like to escape our own winter in Europe if that was possible. Any suggestions?

Posted by Liz
Malaga, Malaga, Spain
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I would not discount Europe - there are many places which would be relatively warm and February far from the coldest month. Also less tourists than in summer. What about Spain and Portugal? Or southern Italy or southern France or Greece?

Posted by DW
Bothell, WA, USA
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Hmmmm, have you considered Australia, New Zealand, or Mexico? If you have your heart set on Europe, heck, just get there whenever you can no matter what the weather. :-) Enjoy your trip, wherever you end up!

Posted by Tom
Newport Beach, CA, USA
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right - europe may not be the best choice - short of warm med areas... or N-Africa. Why not try the southern hemispeher like NZ or Peru/Argentina... lots of history, lots of euro-influence (some cities in SoAmerica look more like Euorpe than many new Euro cities - since they were rebuilt in the mid 17/18/19th centuries after influx of euro settlers! try Euope in april/may or sept/oct another time when crowds are lowere - but temps are warmer!

Posted by jack
Sheboygan, Wisc., USA
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We went to Rome in January and it was in the 60s.Florence was cooler but still very nice.