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Registering your electronic equipment when going to UK

Someone told me that they had to register their personal electronics when traveling to England. I could not find any info on this. We are only taking digital cameras and MP3 player. Has anyone heard of this ?

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I've read this too, but I don't think they ever actually check. I've been back and forth umpteen times, and customs is rarely open, let alone actually checking bags. I think it would only really apply if you are bringing multiple laptops or really expensive, professional quality cameras.

With a camera and MP3 player, I wouldn't even worry. Just have fun!


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In this day and age, everyone travels with laptops, MP3 players, digital cameras and the like. You can register your stuff with US Customs prior to going abroad so that when you return, it can't be said you bought it overseas. Really not worth it. Never been questioned in over a half dozen trips, and most electronic stuff is stamped with different labels depending on what part of the world it was sold. Not to mention chargers have different plugs and such.