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Recommended brand of waterproof/wind proof pants

Planning for a winter trip. Any recommendations for wind proof /waterproof pants? I travel with a wheelchair and my legs get very exposed when my husband pushes fast. Thank you.

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I would definitely get ones with a full zip down the leg. I've got ones with a short zipper and they are a PIA to get into as they won't go on over shoes. Didn't think about that when I bought them.

The more expensive ones are breathable which you'd probably want. Since you're in Seattle, I'd probably go to an REI and look at some of the different selections. Some waterproof clothing has a "crinkly" sound with movement, some does not.

My last ones are Columbia Brand and are waterproof but the zipper is the limiting factor.

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Yes to visiting REI and getting expert help. They are currently having a Labor Day sale, so might be a good time to go.

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A good golf store would probably have a nice selection of rain gear. Foot Joy brand has been good to me.

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there's a certain store named for a river that is full of this kind of stuff. I thought I would need it last winter for walking around during lunch but it never rained.

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I like REI, and my husband has Marmot (purchased at REI). He is a mountain climber, so has used his for extreme conditions. His unzip the entire length of the leg. Mine unzip partially, but plenty of room koto get over my hiking boots. Go to an REI and ask for help and they will be able to make the best suggestion for you.

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You could try Eddie Bauer. Mine have a wide leg opening to accommodate getting over shoes. After they’re on there is Velcro to cinch the leg up. That works for me because I’m vertically challenged and a regular pant leg would be too long.

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Arcteryx, Hannah, Marmot, Mammut and Bergens are just some of the better quality brands that all offer waterproof, windproof and often breathable trousers. Bear in mind that these are all mountaineering/hiking brands so their clothing will look a bit utilitarian.

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I wonder if a poncho would work better with a wheelchair?