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Recommendations for shoes

I will be traveling to England, the South of France, and the Italian Riviera from the middle to the end of September. I'm a little confused about what type of shoes I should be bringing. I know I need something really comfortable to do a lot of walking, but I'm not sure if I should be prepared for cool weather, especially in England where I know there is a good possibility of rain, or warmer weather. Do I need to wear socks or can I get away with buying comfy slip-ons like Privos with no socks? Suggestions for types of shoes as well as brands would be appreciated! thanks!!

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I cannot speak for England but only my experience living in South of France working in Ital Rive. I almost always wore sandles (Without socks, Bien Sur!) Until about Mid October, or if it rained, or if I was up in the mountains. Then I switched to my clogs. It stays pretty warm. Also I never felt out of place or un-fashionable (then again everyone always thinks I am a Dutch tourist?!)

Everyone has a differnt opinion about this, there is a thread about it on the GW. My vote is and has always been for Danskos. 18 year of professional cooking and food service, pregnant in Paris with a 2-mile walk over cobblestones to get to work, and still I go for Danskos, sandles or clogs. I am so thankful that there are so many cool style out there.

Your best bet would be to collect the opinions here. Go to a shoe store that sells the GOOD shoes (you know the expensive ones like Reikers, Dansko, Birkenstock, Maphisto etc...)try on a bunch and see what you like. Have a fun trip!

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Hi Marni,
My wife and I have bought more pairs of San Antonio Shoes (SAS) than we can count. These are good-looking shoes, wearable immediately without needing to be 'broken in'. Below is information from Wikipaedia, which recommends you call SAS in San Antonio, Texas and request information. They don't conduct business on the Internet. Click on this link ...

We wish you the best of all trips and pleasant walking in your new SAS shoes. All the best, P.

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You might get some useful information by reading the "Shoes" section on Rick's Graffiti Wall. There are LOTS of comments!


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I am bringing Keen sandles and a pair of running shoes for three weeks in Europe in September. I will use the sandals 90% of the time. I am going to bring some wool socks in case I get into some cold weather.

Go light whatever you do!