Reasonable Price Bus Class Tickets?

In my other posting on the shrinking economy class seats, someone posted a response that if your are flexible and book in advance (who doesn't?), you can get reasonable priced business class tickets. I have read similar advice offered on other travel sites. But what is the real experience? Two years ago this Fall I made an all out effort to find a reasonable priced BC ticket. I was very flexible looked at the whole month of October, early Nov, out of a number of different airports, the best price was about $3600 and the price was pretty uniform across several airlines. The coach price was about $1200. I thought $2000 to $2500 would be in the reasonable range but not $3600. (Referring to international flights) SO, I curious?? Other than using ff points has anyone been able to obtain reasonable priced business class? If so, under what circumstances,conditions? I would define reasonable as about double coach. And I not asking about a one time lucky shot (we all have had those) but some method that works the majority of the time.

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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Are the other travel sites referring to domestic or international business class? There is a big difference in price and availability.

Posted by Sean
New York
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Why you want to shell out an extra 2000$ to sit with uptight snooty businessmen is beyond me.

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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I was asking about international. I know there is a difference. I know it wasn't clear but we discuss mostly European travel here. I edited it to reflect that. I guess I want to avoid sitting with people like Sean in economy class. Two thousand might be cheap.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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I'm glad you clarified ... when I saw the thread title I thought you were asking about various classes on buses. Then I saw $2000 and thought it must have been something else. As far as the other, just like in France, when people talk about rudeness - you know what? Rudeness begets rudeness. If Sean had been nice in the beginning he would have had no nastiness back.

Posted by Lola
Seattle, WA
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I have not seen biz class tickets for less than $3500 or so in several years. Open Skies had a promotion a couple of years ago and the RT price from the east coast to Paris was $2400. But now their price is $3600. We fly Biz class with miles on British Airways and it costs around $2400 (plus miles). Well worth it to us for the long haul flight from Seattle to London. We arrive rested and hit the ground running--- no time lost to travel fatigue. And I have yet to see a snooty businessman in Biz class. Maybe they are all in First?

Posted by Bets
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Icelandic business class is much less if bought early enough. Seat pitch is 48. To compare, lie-flat seats on Air France are 55 (A380) to 71 (7771, while economy premier are 38.