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Does anyone know where I can find a cheap poncho for travel in summer to keep dry from the rain? I really don't want to wear a raincoat when it is so hot outside.

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I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for, but I bought a REALLY cheap poncho for $1 in the travel section at my local Target or Walmart. It is tiny and weighs barely anything and comes wrapped up in plastic. I never actually needed it, but it was always in my daybag, just incase.

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What Jenny suggested should work for you, cheap and waterproof. Of course it won't breathe on those hot summer days/nights, but hopefully you won't have to wear it often enough for that to be a problem. If you want something that is breathable, you're getting into more expensive options.

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Lucy, Rick offers a good quality Rain Poncho on this website. Have a look at for details. It's not exactly "cheap", but I bought one as it's good quality and should last for MANY trips.


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I just got one in K-Mart for 99 cents. Target only had the more heavy-duty ones in the outdoor/fishing/camping department.

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Cheap ones are cheap. Get one designed for backpacking. That way if wearing a day bag, the poncho has the room to cover the day bag.

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Thanks everyone for all the info. I will look at all of my options.
Happy Travels.

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Step 1: Buy a box of large black garbage bags. Hefty?

Step 2: Cut holes for head and arms in bag.

Step 3: Step out smartly (you do have a hat, don't you?) and notice the envious glances you get from the folks who bought expensive rain gear.

In case of heavy rain, omit arm holes.

In case of no rain, use as laundry bag, goody bag, or, oh my,

a trash bag!