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Hello, We are planning a two-week honeymoon in Europe this winter, but I haven't a clue on how to travel between countries. I know there are multiple different rail systems, from luxury to economy class, but I'm not sure which type I should be purchasing.
We are planning to travel From Prague to Vienna to Salzburg To Ljubljana. That's three countries, possibly four if we consider another option as well, for two people.

We are rather budget conscious, but also would like a ticket that is open, meaning we aren't required to get on a specific train at a specific time, rather we would prefer the option to take an earlier or later train if we want.

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Thanks. What I meant by Open is that I could buy one ticket that will allow me to freely (unlimited) travel between countries. But I guess a follow-up question, would that be the most budget friendly option? Or do people typically purchase as they go? Thanks again in advance.

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I'd recommend doing a bit of research first--then you'll have a better handle on your options. Read fora rail questions, read the rail section of the website, check the Man in Seat 61 website. Check Rail Europe. The DBahn website covers rail schedules for most countries not just Germany. All that background will help frame the experience. And agree, 2nd class is just fine.

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2nd-class tickets for the described route, Prague-Vienna-Salzburg-Ljubljana, cost about $210 per person if you buy them as you go, with no advance discount.

A rail pass will allow you to travel freely on all trains in those countries and most of them don't require additional seat reservations. Options include the 4-country European East pass (from $240 per person, specifically covers Austria, Czech Rep, Slovakia, and Hungary) and a few 2-country options. If you had this pass, you'd pay about $15 more for the Slovenia portion of the trip. I would forget the more expensive Eurail Select pass.

Regardless of how you pay, most people just choose whichever train departure is most convenient in terms of timing and number of connections. How to Look Up Train Schedules Online gives you the DB train schedule link and tips for using it.