"the flying jacket fooling budget airlines"

Guys, go to www.telegraph.co.uk to read about the guy who came p with an over-jacket that you can stuff up to 22kg in! It's geat!

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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JerryG, As Kathy mentioned, this is just another variation of the ScottEVest, so it's really nothing new. I believe that ScottEVest have had more than one person test their jackets with an "around the world no luggage challenge". The product shown in the Telegraph article seems to be configured more for bulk packing of large items, similar to a "wallking suitcase". It appears to be more of a Vest than a jacket. The ScottEVest seems to be designed with more "sophistication" for carrying the type of items that people often travel with. There are specific pockets for Cell Phones, iPods, channels to run Headphones, Sunglasses, Pens, Cameras and even a special pocket for iPads. It's also designed with a sort of "load distribution" capability so that wearing it fully loaded doesn't become a burden. I've just received one of the ScottEVest Jackets in the mail and I'm now in the process of testing it during everyday activities around home. I'm thinking of taking it along on my trip to Europe this year, to give it a REAL evaluation. I tried the ScottEVest while attending a John Fogerty concert last night. It wasn't fully loaded, but I was packing a fair amount of kit including a Rain Jacket (fortunately didn't need it). I was sure glad to have it when the sun went down as it was darn chilly! Security were looking for "contraband" at the entrance but hardly glanced at the jacket. In "hindsight" I wish I had taken my small Camera but the tickets clearly specified NO CAMERAS. When the show started, I found that LOTS of people had ignored this restriction. Sometimes I wonder why I follow the rules! HERE'S a link to the Telegraph story for anyone that wants to have a look at the story. Cheers!