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Question regarding Euroline bus passes

Does anyone know if the 15 and 30 day passes offered by Euroline are for consecutive or non-consecutive travel days?

Has anyone taken the bus in europe? Similar to Greyhound?

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Don't know about passes, but made one Euroline trip Paris-London. Very nice, comfortable coach with rest room. Took longer than I thought it might have due to extensive Chunnel security checks. The AC is off while the coach is on the big ol' train that hauls it to the UK- if I were to go again I would probably try a departure that takes the ferry, but otherwise OK.

Probably a different crowd than on a train because it's less expensive; about $40/8 hours as opposed to over $200/2-3 hours for the Eurostar. In the time v. money balancing act, I think the bus is a good budget option. The int'l bus station in the east of Paris, (Gare la Routiere Internationale at Gallieni, the eastern terminus of Le Metro line 3)is steps from the underground but shabby by comparison to any train station. Escalators broken, smelly pay toilets, not much in the way of food service. I understand some Paris coaches leave from La Defense in the west.

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We took buses in Spain ,England and Portugal and found them as good as or better than any US service. It is a much cheaper way to travel (most of ours was done by train, tho). Cant tell you about the passes but it should be explained on the Eurolines website.