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Question for the ladies

For those of you who wear skirts on the plane, do you ever have problems with the security folks? What I mean is, a skirt, especially one that is a full or long could be perceived as something that could hide something.

I am planning to wear skirts, but am wondering if pants on the plane would be better. I really would prefer to wear my skirt though.

Any advise or personal experiences?

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Sue, the problem is not with the security folks. Pants or skirts, you have to walk thru that metal detector. I've worn skirt once while travelling but will not do that any more. I think the problem is moving in/out of your seat, especially when you don't have the aisle seat, you know what I mean. Besides, pants keep your legs warmer, talking about a long flight. Pants also let you move faster, easier and safer. Running from gate to gate, a skirt might slow you down a little. If you prefer to wear skirts, wear them, but be more careful. I donn't like the idea of stepping on my own skirt walking up the stairs.

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Agree with other poster that pants are more practical. If it's because you feel you might not be able to get comfortable wearing jeans or trousers on an overseas flight, then try a pair of long Yoga pants in a dark color that have a bit of Lycra in them. If you hate long pants, then maybe find a pair of comfortable capri pants.

I've flown a couple times in the U.S. wearing a business suit (skirt w/ jacket) and it was miserable wearing a skirt, so I try to wear a pant suit.

TSA does random screenings and I don't think they'd yank you out of line just because you have on a full skirt (provided you don't beep going through the metal detector). If they do, they'll just pass a wand over you or maybe have a female agent pat you down.

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Skirts or dresses aren't a problem when going through security. Just think of all us Flight Crew who often choose to wear our skirt and blazer or dress. By regulation, the length of our hemline must fall at the knee or just below. If it were any shorter it would be uncomfortable to sit without having to pull it down all the time. Fortunately, we don't get to sit for much more than takeoff and landing, so it's not a problem. However, sitting as a pax, a skirt of that length might get uncomfortable. Bare legs can get chilly, too.

From a safety standpoint, pants are best. (Kind of a contradiction here when we crew wear skirts, I know.)
But it's true, pants will give you more protection in an emergency, esp firefighting, esp if they are natural fibres.
Pantyhose, in a fire, will melt onto your skin which is very painful to remove and treat the injury.

Good question!


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Thank you. I think I will wear my pants and pack the skirt. :D

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Sue, I ALWAYS travel in a skirt. I find that for a long trip particularly, I feel fresher. And, it's easier in the loo of a long sector flight. No panty hose though. I look far less crushed, and can curl up (if there is room) with more comfort, and the waistband area is less tight than slacks.