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Question about what to visit - Copenhagen or Oslo or both?

My missus and I are going to be in Prague and have three nights/4 days before we must go to Stockholm. Will spend a few days in Stockholm. We are not as much into history and castles but more into natural beauty and sightseeing. Would it be worthwhile to try to go from Prague to both Copenhagen and then Oslo, or just cover only one city. Which one? From that city we will then go to Stockholm. We have been to Finland before but not Denmark, Norway, or Sweden. I would love to go north to a city in arctic circle, but could not figure out where. Being novice to Europe, we can use much help.
Thanks - US

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Of your choices, my favorite would be Copenhagen. There's plenty there to keep you busy enough. Oslo's a nice city, but not on the level with Copenhagen. We've been to all the major Scandinavian cities plus St. Petersburg.

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When will this trip be?
If I had to choose between Copenhagen and Oslo, I would choose Copenhagen, though I am a bit biased.
However you say you enjoy nature more than castles and history, why don't you try and explore some nature? You could fly to Bergen and explore the fjords. Or if you really want to go north of the arctic circle, all the way up to Tromsø.

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Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen are all way south of the arctic circle. What would you want to see/experience north of the arctic circle?

If your primary interest is natural beauty, your itinerary is a bit city-heavy. Stockholm, with its archipelago, could make up for it in some way though.

My vote goes to Copenhagen as well. I may be biased just like Morten, but I will argue that Copenhagen simply has more to offer than Oslo.

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Thank you so much everyone for all the ideas. This is my first exposure to this forum, and I am so grateful for all of your generosity in sharing ideas. I will talk to my wife and come back with more specific questions.

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I found Copenhagen to have the most to see and do in Scandinavia. Oslo is a smaller city with a relatively small number of sights.