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Protecting your camera

I have a tiny digital point and shoot that I will be taking to Rome, and while I intend to vigilantly guard it, I'd like to maximize rease my chances of getting it back home with me. I saw elsewhere on the GW that someone had looped a cable through the camera and attached it to their daybag.

Given the number of discussions here regarding lost/forgotten cameras and pickpockets, and the fact that it's impossible/impractical to put in your moneybelt, what do you do to protect your camera?

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My camera is about the size of a deck of cards. Fits nicely in the front pocket with no problems. I think a cable to the day bag would be ackward. If the day bag goes so goes the camera. Just remember from this site and others, the preception of pickpockets is very high because the people who have problems put up postings. And those who haven't generally don't. I personally would avoid the camera case around the neck or over the shoulder and just it in an inside pocket and be careful when and where you use it. For example -- if I took a picture in a very public place, I will be a little extra careful of where I put -- in my pocket with my hand on it -- until I am clear of the area and figure no one is coming after it.

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I agree that the cable/daybag idea sounds unworkable. Besides being awkward I would think it would also attract attention. I agree with being careful but you don't have to be paranoid, either. I generally keep my camera in my purse (if I'm carrying one) or in my daybag (an across the chest style). Just be aware of where it is all the time. Like Frank, I keep my hand on it in my pocket if I will be using it several times in a place instead of carrying it around my neck or in my hand.

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When you say "loop a cable through the camera and attach it to my day bag," that should work as long as it is not too tedious for you to use the camera. If your day bag is secure, you probably could just keep the camera in your day bag. Your day bag strap should be diagonally over one shoulder and under the other arm come, across your body--not behind you.

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Liz, did you see the similar topic commented on extensively in the "Boot" section of the Helpline?

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Liz, I read a tip in my Budget Travel magazine that suggests connecting it to a lanyard and then connecting the lanyard to your bag. Or, if you could attached it to something on your jacket, that would work, too. Lanyards are easy/cheap to come by and don't look strange at all. And as the previous posters said, if you want to just keep it in your pocket, you can still do that. That's what I plan to do when we go next month...

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I heard an urban legend about a guy who found a pickpocket's tool in his pocket; a device which could snag cash or a camera strap without the hands getting all the way into the pocket. Apparently an apprentice, the kid asked for it back!

I put mine in a front pants pocket, with a couple of paper towels or hankies on top of it, and with the wrist strap down. I also have button-flap shirt pockets which can hold it comfortably.

One thing I would do the next trip is to get an extra media card or two and change them every few days; that way you don't lose the pictures even if the camera gets lifted.

I did get pickpocketed in the Prague Metro, but had my walking-around cash distributed among several pockets, so the loss wasn't too great, and the camera was safe.

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My camera is the size of a deck of cards and has a lanyard cord clipped to it. When I know that I will be taking lots of photos, such as walking in a museum, I wrap the cord around my wrist a couple of times and hold my camera in the palm of my hand. If I'm wearing a light jacket or sweater, I can tuck the camera up my sleeve where no one can tell it's even there.

Otherwise, this month in France, I bought a La Bagagerie tote bag with a zippered pocket on the outside. I put my camera and wallet with daily cash inside it, kept this side close to my body with my arm over the bag at all times, hidden from view.

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My camera is also about the size of a deck of cards.

It came with a lanyard that has a slider to cinch it to your wrist.

In places where I was taking alot of photo's I'd have it cinched and carry it in my palm.

As soon as I could I'd put it back in the pouch I carried it in - in my daypack which is like a medium sized purse I wear slung across my body and I keep my hand on it in crowds.

I had bought a neck strap and really found it bothersome.

I also have a device to dump my CF cards to.

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We also have the very small camera with the large screen, I love it. We take so many pictures that we usually keep it in our hands at all times. When we aren't using it my DH will put it in his front pocket. We took off the wrist strap because it was always hanging out of his pocket making it very easy for someone to grab.

We also change out our media card every couple of days so that if we do lose the camera we will only lose a couple days of pictures and not our entire trip.