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Princess Di

i was wondering if any of you have visited sights in memory of princess di. What ones would you consider the best, or ones that touched you the most. I've read of many different ones, kensington palace, althorp, etc. I would really like to visit some memorial sights for her when i go. thanks..

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There is a memorial at Harrods with the engagment ring that Dodi was going to give her.

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I would go to Kensington Palace. There is a display of some of her dresses, pictures of her at Kensington. The display at Harrods that the above post mention is a little tacky, yes there is a ring there that Dodi's father said he was going to give to Diana but no one knows if that is true. Friends of the Princess Diana feels the the display is horrible. As for Althorp, the only time it is open to the public in 2008 will be from 1 July to 30 August. We visited Althorp while Diana's father was still living, you got to tour the home and see the private rooms that the family used. Lord Spencer was in one of the rooms when we were there.

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My wife and I actually stumbled upon the Princess Diana memorial fountain in Hyde Park London. At first we walked in and thought it must have been a mistake. It's not a huge and over the top like we expected.

But when you stop and really look at it, you realize that it's an amazing memorial. The swirling water, the kids splashing and dipping their feet - it was just really nice.

I'm not a "follower" of the life of Diana, but the memorial was special because of it's accesibility. A monument that everyone can enjoy it.


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The display at Harrod's also includes the dirty wine glasses Di and Dodi drank from at dinner before the crash -- creepy but moving at the same time.

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I really enjoyed the tour of Kensington Palace. They had multiple screens showing pictures of her and her family. Then you could see her some of her dresses and professional photographs. The flower beds around the Palace are very pretty. The fountain at Hyde Park is also very nice.

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Kensington Palace absolutely, there is a costume display in there with many gowns and a fabulous photo exhibit. and the gardens are lovely.