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Prep for your trip

When we planned our trip, we began walking 7500 steps per day, using Google Fit to keep track.

Once on the ground in Italy, we have walked at least 12000 steps every day.

So, prep by walking more.

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Before our first Europe trip in 2010 we really had to up our game. Now we are constant walkers and hikers and I usually manage 10-11k at home but we have to work hard to get hills in as we live in a flat area.

While hiking here in CH, as well as in IT, we are averaging over 16k with altitude. No wonder I sleep so well!

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Also, definitely wear the right shoes to walk on the tile cobblestone if going to Portugal otherwise you will feel each step. Most are uneven. It was heaven when we walked on evenly laid tile.

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I walked 168000 steps in the 9 days (including 2 of travel) i was in Paris. My fitbit broke the next month.... related? I'll let you decide... :)

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I generally average 15,000+ steps a day when I am traveling and usually around 10-12,000 at home (lately - I've upped my game). However, winter is when it gets hard - it's difficult to find motivation to walk outside when there are several feet of snow on the ground and the temp is below 0 degrees (F). I have a treadmill but it's not my favorite thing, and I belong to the Y, which has an indoor track (and more treadmills), but I still have to drive there. :) Last year I went into hibernation mode (first winter in Duluth) and I'm bound and determined not to do that this year. So hopefully my motivation will keep me going (and my Apple Watch).

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Excellent advice ... we did this for our trip to Italy in April 2016 where we knew we would be doing a lot of walking, especially around Rome ... worked our way up to about 3-4 well-paced miles a day ... definitely helped as we weren't near as tired and sore (especially the next day) after several 10+ mile jaunts in Rome, Florence and the Cinque Terra ... same thing the next year in Paris and Normandy ... the past few years, age and a more sedentary lifestyle due to working from home have wrecked any stamina I once had, so will need to start from scratch soon if I want to even think about making my way around several countries/cities on our big trip next April.

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Good advice on pre-vacation walking. You better throw in stairs as well.