Prague -Český Krumlov - Vienna - Salzburg - Munich: Trip Advice


My wife and I are traveling to Europe this summer. We are flying in an out of Prague and are renting a car. .We will have 13 full days in the area to travel around and would like some advice on how much time to spend in each place. We are tentatively planning on spending the following amount of time in each place:

Prague (2 nights);
Český Krumlov (1 night);
Vienna (3 nights);
Salzburg (3 nights);
Berchtesgaden (1 night);
Munich (2 nights); and
Prague (1 night - before we leave)

We have already been to Prague so we don't need to spend a ton of time there.

We want to strike a nice balance between urban and rural experiences (although we live in NYC so we have a lot of urban experiences).

I am considering adding a fourth night to Vienna because I hear such good things (also maybe a day trip outside the city). Perhaps 4 nights in Vienna and 4 in Salzburg/Berchtesgaten? Maybe more time in Munich?

Thanks in advance for your insight and suggestions!

Posted by Laura
Rick Steves' Europe
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I would give Vienna 4 nights and 3 full days and give Salzburg 2 nights and 1 full day. Travel time from Vienna to Salzburg is a longer day, but the next couple of driving legs are short.

Posted by Barbara
Brooklyn, NY
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I would add a night or two in Rothenburg, Germany. We went there on Rick's recommendation and loved it. It was a great small town with great museums and the Nightwatchman Walk was the best tour we took in most of our travels (you can check it out on you tube). we were just in Vienna last week and stayed 4 nights - it was too long for us. We stayed at a B&B also in rick's book and it was great - the spelling escapes me right now and I am not home to check, but it sounded like Africanshie......
Cesky Krumlov was fun and should be a definite on your itinerary. Eat at Papa's Restaurant, it was recommended by two locals and we ate there both nights. Safe travels

Posted by fallguyfrank
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Thanks very much for these replies. If we wanted to add a night in Rothenburg and take one away from Munich, would that be advisable? Currently, we have two nights scheduled in Munich.

Posted by Barbara
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We drove to Munich and turned in our car in the afternoon. We stayed just one night in an awful hotel near the train station - Atlas City Hotel - (we were going by train the next evening to Croatia). we saw the highlights of the city the next day and felt that was enough time for us. Munich is a large, busy city and Rothenburg is medieval at its best. we prefer small towns and villages to large cities, so for us one day in Munich was enough. You can see rothenburg on you tube and that might help you decide.