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Prague and Pot

Is pot as easy to find in Prague as it is in Amsterdam? For some reason, I thought it was. However, in reading travel information, I see no mention of "coffee houses", etc. We are not looking for a clandestine experience, just something very above board and accepted, like in Amsterdam...Thank you.

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I've never tried to obtain "pot" in either location, so can't answer your question (I suspect that's true of most of the group here?).

Your best bet for an "educated reply" would probably be the Thorn Tree message board (Lonely Planet).


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If you haven't already you might want to try the "Marijuana in Europe" section of the Graffiti Wall.

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It's perfectly true to say that Cannabis is available in Prague but it is a clandestine experience, it's certainly not an 'above board' activity.

Also the purity is nothing like you find in The Netherlands.

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Unlike the "coffee houses" of the Netherlands, the "exotic tea houses" of Prague are just that- tea with a Turkish theme, and maybe some hookah (sp?).

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Marijuana is illegal in the Czech Republic. It seems that the law is not as vigorously enforced as it is here. But I wouldn't count on it.