Practically useless tip for most Americans - grab a soccer/football jersey.

I know at least half of Americans think soccer(I'll call it football from now on, I'm more comfortable with that :P) is just for little kids and girls, but no, this is THE deal in Europe.

You think you are pretty crazy about baseball or American football, you haven't seen some real crazy arses in Europe.

Although I'm an American, I've never liked the "American sports". I've supported Manchester United and Bayern Munich since I was a little kid(so I didn't know if I had to be happy or sad when Man United beat Munich in Champions League Final in 1999 :P). I AM one of those crazy arses.

But that's about it, I don't speak any German nor do I have any deep knowledge about England. But hey, one shirt can do wonders. Yesterday I've went to a local bar in Munich with Bayern Munich jersey on, and I knew I belong to the "crowd" the moment I walked it. They spoke bad English, especially the drunken ones, haha, but who cares. We've enjoyed the beer and talked for hours and hours about Bayern Munich and the Germany national football team. I even got to met some cute ladies over there :D And at that moment, I really felt like I'm one of the local folks. A great fun, a night I'll never forget(yes, that means I wasn't drunk, haha)

Think of it like this, if you're from Pittsburgh, everybody loves Steelers. And at a bar, an Asian guy with not so perfect English walks in with Steelers jersey with 86 Ward on. Wouldn't you want to get him some drink and talk to him?

But use caution, you do NOT want to wear certain team's jersey when you are at certain cities. For an example, if you wear Manchester United's jersey while you travel Liverpool, trust me, you will get mobbed, literally.

So, if you are one of those people who actually are interested in some European football, how about you grab your favorite team's jersey?

Haha, I told you it was an useless tip for most Americans :P

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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If you were to wear a Red Sox cap or Cowboys jersey in NYC you'd get "mobbed" here as well ;)

Posted by Pamela
New York City, NY, USA
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If you really want to see what soccer, make that football, pick up How-Soccer-Explains-World-Globalization by Franklin Foer. You can learn why Glasgow has two teams: Celtic and Rangers. It might help you pick a team. ; )


Posted by Sharon
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Thank you for taking time to share your experience Billy! It sounds like you had an amazing time!

Posted by Michelle
Anaheim, CA, USA
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When we were in Spain we got tickets to see the fuss on Futbol. It was the most amazing experience and we had a blast.

While visiting a certain country, we try to check out what the locals do.... its a lot of fun!

Posted by Jenny
Camas, WA, USA
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Thanks for the tip Billy =) I might also consider wearing our local MLS football teams' jersey and see what kind of conversation that starts up!

Can anyone recommend a website where I can check to see if there will be any games on the dates I am traveling?

I will be in Madrid, Barcelona, and Sevilla early September and would love to experience a game if possible - but am not quite sure how to look up the schedules. Thanks!

Posted by Neil
Lake Forest Park, WA, USA
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Now, wait a goldarn minute here Billy...are you suggesting that if you walk into a bar wearing a jersey of the local sports team that others will consider you popular and talk to you?


Posted by Fred
San Francisco
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I was at a restaurant this past June having lunch here in SF. And, what was on the TV?...Bayern M├╝mchen vs Borussia Dortmund. I was disapointed, Dortmund was losing. They ended up losing.