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Point to Point Rail Tickets

Hello. Three of us want to travel from Paris est to Muenchen Hbf taking the sleeper train, and then continuing on to Garmisch for 1 day and then back to Muenchen the next day. We fly out of Muenchen (Munich). So Paris-Muenchen-Garmisch-Muenchen is all we want to do. Knowing that we need reservations for the sleeper train from Paris to Muenchen Hbf, would it be cheaper to purchase train tickets point to point or to purchase a eurail pass? Thanks so very much!!!

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For your limited routes, a railpass will not be cost effective, even if you have to pay standard fares.

If you book far enough in advance (up to 90 days allowed) at, you can get SparNight fares on the Paris-Munich night train: 39€ for a bunk in a six-person couchette or 49€ for a bunk in a four-person couchette. I recommend the four-person couchette--or a sleeper--for the extra space and comfort.

Munich-Garmisch is all within Bavaria. A Bayern (Bavaria) ticket is good for up to five people to travel all day on local trains for 27€. It's good after 09:00 on weekdays and anytime on weekends. For complete information, go here:

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Tim provided an excellent answer.

In general, Rebecca, a good idea is to go to and price point to point tickets for your proposed itinerary. Then look at cost of a pass. Raileurope charges high prices and does not give discounts and deals often found at national rail websites so it is a "max" price which makes it a good comparison to the pass price. If the "max" price is a better deal, then the real price will even be better and the pass is not worthwhile. If it is a wash, then the pass, with its flexibility for more travel at no extra cost might be better.

We have used both regular passes, flexpasses and point-to-point in Europe on our many trips so the best thing to do is compare prices and flexibility.

Most importantly, have fun!

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Sorry, I have to respectfully disagree with John that RailEurope is a good place to compare ticket prices with passes. RailEurope consistently charges far more than similar offerings for similar trains and ticket conditions found on the national rail websites. While it may be easier to compare the point to point on RailEurope to railpass costs, it is not even close to a fair comparison. An hour or two of research on this board, and at the national rail websites, could save you hundreds of dollars. The only thing RailEurope may be good for is securing hard-to-make reservations when needed for a rail pass...and for that, they even charge you far more than European railways.

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I can't help you with the euro pass, but I know sleepers are always more expensive then regular trains. Why don't you try to get tickets on regular trains? Or check the price for TGV, or I know in germany there are slower trains then TGV (can't reemebr the mane of it), but faster then the regular ones. You have to check the prices on the official site, not on those that actually sell tickets.
There are also small air line companies all over europe with really good fares. Try