Please tell me about Ljubljana

Been re-working my itinerary for my Spring 2013 trip and am considering adding Ljubljana, Slovenia. I would love to hear from those who have been. What to see, is it an easy city to navigate, good transportation. We would be arriving & departing by train and would want to stay near the station - is that a good area? Thanks!

Posted by Anita
Philadelphia, PA, USA
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Christine, you will probably get more responses if you post this question in the section about Eastern Europe. But, in the mean time, I can tell you the city is small and walkable. The train station is an easy walk from the very center of town, and there are several affordable hotels near the square. I suggest exploring the outdoor market, walk up the hill to see the castle, and enjoy the restaurants and cafes along the river. If you enjoy history, there are two fine museums in the city.

Posted by Diane
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We found the city pleasant and very walkable. We spent most of a day and were happy with that length of time. We decided to not overnight, as we found the price of accommodations a bit higher there than elsewhere in Slovenia/Croatia.

Posted by Christi
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Are there small towns out side of Ljubljana to stay that might be nice?

Posted by TC
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Ljubljana is a very walkable city. It is quite interesting and definitely deserves at least a full day or perhaps two. TC

Posted by Christi
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808 posts Bled? Well - I don't know - that's why I am asking. Can you tell me about it?

Posted by Grier
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Christine, the New York Times did a travel story on it a week or so ago. If you go to their site and do a search, you may find it worthwhile.

Posted by David
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If you arrive about mid day you can finish the city in the afternoon. the old town area is small along the river with an ok castle up the hill. charming but not so much to offer. the train station is a short walk to the old city, and you can find plenty hotels for 1 night. i wouldn't stay here for too long, there are a lot of other cities bled, piran, whatever you can spend a little more time at lower cost.