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please help- another passport ?

My passport has been in the "processing" stage for nearly two months. We leave in three weeks, so, I know I'm not supposed to start calling yet. However, I was wondering if there was a way I could call and upgrade it to expedited. I originally did a normal renewal. It was saying 8-10 weeks at the time. I also have a few friends who work for senators in DC and they've offered to help... should I just take them up on that instead? Thanks!

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I just went through this... You have to wait until 14 days before your trip. Then call. You'll be on hold FOREVER, but then someone will talk to you.

For me, I paid for expedited service and they couldn't even FIND my passport application so they had me go downtown and re-apply. They said that they would send me back my original application and refund me when the located it. However, they actually ended up mailing me two passports.

I suspect since they have your passport as "processing" that they will tag yours for speedier service after your call. I don't think you are going to need to pay extra for expedited processing at this point - especially since your overal time frame has been longer than the normal expedited period.

Anyway, mark your calendar for 14 days before your trip and start calling that day. It might take you a few trys and long hold times to get through, but be persistent. Once you get ahold of someone, they actually are helpful.

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From some other posters here and my sister's experience if you don't receive your passport by the 2 week time they will expidite it for free. That leaves lots of worried people, but they ask when you are leaving and I believe there must be some poor employee who is putting them in the order of departure. It sure seems most people who have applied this spring are getting theirs right about 14 days before departure. We're on week 13 for my son's but don't leave for 4 weeks.

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Joyce, ahhh, i was in the same situation. do not believe anything you read on that state department passport site... the people who work there ARE helpful and concerned but they are just soooo overloaded.

i was down to my 2 week mark at the end of May... was not going to take any chances and followed the posted advice of contacting my state rep in DC... very nice and helpful... you will just complete the disclosure of your personal info and they will do the rest.

my passport was posted "processing" for over a 2months in a 14 week wait. after my call, it arrived via overnight fedex on May31... get this... the date of issue in the passport was May30. it is not the new smartchip snazzy one, obvious a barebones official passort... but at least i am over that stress! good luck!