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Places to Visit in Europe


I'm planning to visit Europe with my wife for 3 weeks vacation in between Jan - Feb 2008. So what are the best of Europe to Visit and how about the rush during that period? Is it advisable to travel? Please suggest, as I'm visiting for the first time.


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The biggest question would be: do you like winter sports? As for "rushes", in general, most tourist attractions operate at reduced hours, mainly because the crowds are sparse.

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Europe will be cold. I was there in March and it was freezing in Rome - rain, hail and strong wind. However it had been lovely the day before I arrived! I had friends who spent January there a couple of years ago and loved it. They found it rather quiet as most tourists prefer the warmer months. They found as long as they rugged up they were fine.

As far as where to go - I'd suggest the main cities like Paris, Rome etc. South of France is beautiful and so is the lakes area in Italy - Lake Como etc. Tuscany - Sienna and Florence and Venice is amazing. I think where ever you go you'll enjoy. Just be prepared for cold weather and probably some rain.

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I have been to London in January. At the time the temp was 57 F. Great time to go. No lines anywhere, the prices were terrific!

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Rama, some places in Italy, and most Aegean Sea islands of Greece do not have cold air in January and February. But there could be rain at any place in Europe in January and February. Being at an island of Greece is not enjoyable when there is rain.
Cities that I think could be enjoyable to visit in January and February are Salzburg and Vienna in Austria. The museums there, and the palaces in Vienna,are open in January and February. I saw a video travelogue of Salzburg in February. Big fluffy snow flakes were falling from the sky on old town Salzburg. It looked pleasant. The air is usually not very cold when there is snow at Salzburg. The hotels probably cost less in January and February, compared to most other months. In Italy at the Cinque Terre (Mediteranean Sea coast) the air can be warm in February, very pleasant. Read the books "Rick Steves' Italy", and "Rick Steves' Germany and Austria", and "Rick Steves' Spain".