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Passport Renewal - New Thread

I learned a lot from the experience of others and paid extra to expedite and also for priority mail both ways.

My application was mailed on September 8 and it arrived today - 37 days later. I was happily surprised! I don't know if I was just lucky or if the timeframe for passport renewals has improved.

I hope others are having a similar experience.

That's great, happy for you. They received mine Sept 28. I did not need expedited processing, so it'll be interesting to see how long it takes. No trips planned for the near future.

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Did you get any 'status report' during the processing or did it just show up?

I was able to do a query online and got the 'in process' response, but have not received any notice.

Just wondering what, if anything, I should expect, in the way of advisories, before it shows up.

Mailed it 'regular' 4-6 weeks ago ( check cashed 9-15) so I suppose delivery in Dec. is the best I can hope for.

Glad your extra fees produced a good result

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My experience on passport renewal is dated, ie pre-Corona, which may make my experience irrelevant.

The last time I had to renew the Passport was in 2015, did it by going to the Post Office, not on-line, paid the normal price. I was not prepared to pay extra to have my renewal application expedited. The new passport arrived within two weeks. a very pleasant surprise.

In the past the new passport took anywhere from 6-8 weeks, which was what I had expected in 2015.

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Hi Sharon,

I thought it was well worth paying for expedited service, but it looks like it may not be worth it now.
According to the website:

As of October 8, routine service will take up to 14 weeks and expedited service will take up to 10 weeks.

I helped my mom renew her passport back in late June, and she received her new one about a month later (with expedited service)

Hi Joe,

Once your passport has been approved youโ€™ll see this message when you check your passport status via

Application Status: Approved

The U.S. Department of State approved your application for your passport book and card. We're now printing your passport book and card
and preparing to give it to you.

You requested expedited service when you applied. Expedited service can take up to 12 weeks from the day an application is
submitted to the day a new passport is received. You should receive
your passport book and card on or around 07/25/2021.

Your passport should be mailed within 2-3 business days after it is approved. If your status is not "Mailed" in 3 business days, we may
be experiencing technical issues with our online status system.

Your application locator number is XXXXXXX

If you are traveling within two weeks and have not received your passport, please contact the National Passport Information Center at
1-877-487-2778 (or TDD/TTY 1-888-874-7793) with your application
locator number.

Above message was for my momโ€™s passport (I just deleted her application locator #)

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@joe32F - I checked the status early on which indicated that my application had been received and I knew that the check had been cashed, but hadn't checked back until today - the status today (before the mail arrived) was "Status Not Available." I really didn't expect it back this soon! I hope yours arrived shortly!

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Stunning Update

They arrived in today's mail !!

Mailed on 9-11 // check cashed 9-15 // delivered 10-14.

All at 'basic' ( non expedited) fees. ( Philadelphia processing center)

Now to see how much more time for the passport card to show up.

Passport cards arrived 10-15.

Perhaps the backlog has been whittled to something resembling 'normal'

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Iโ€™m sweating because Iโ€™m going to Mexico the end of February and I will send my passport in for renewal the first part of March. I was afraid to renew in the middle of the backlog.
We are flying to Portugal on 9/8/22.
I should have sent it in for renewal in July.
Hopefully I will get it by July. Iโ€™m always on top of things but not this time!

I mailed mine the week of 9/13 express priority and paid for expedited processing. Check was cashed 9/17. I have not checked the website at all assuming a December time frame for receipt. I forgot to pay for express priority returning to me.
I have my fingers crossed based on your experiences!

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Because some states opened before others, some processing centers are further ahead, so don't forget...

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Just sent my husbandโ€™s passport off yesterday and I paid for expedited service and overnight delivery both ways. I have been reading how long renewals take and we need his passport in 3 months for our next trip, so very happy to read this thread and seems like things have improved! Fingers crossed ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป! We need it back by January 27th.

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I wonder if mine was longer (check cashed on July 23 and received on 10/28/21) because I also added the passport card to my order, Hmmmm. Well Iโ€™m glad this renewal process is over - 2022 RS Tour here I come! I also did not pay the expedite fee.

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My daughter sent her passport renewal from St. Paul, MN to Houston,TX on August 9, regular processing. She received her new passport and passport card on October 23. Interestingly, even though she sent it priority mail the processing center did not receive it until August 16. So mail delivery is playing a role in the delays. It seems that the actual processing time was less than 10 weeks.

Disappointed, though not surprised, that signing up for email updates appears to have been useless. Hope everyone who needs their passport for an upcoming trip receives it soon.

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I agree that it would be helpful if the a passport status were posted and updated on the website!

A quick update:
My husband and I mailed our passports in the same expedited packet (separate envelopes). His photo was rejected (email notice received 10/14) he sent it a new photo overnight post on October 15. He still doesn't have his passport back and we're due to travel very soon. There are a limited number of appointments at the Passport office - after numerous calls, the Passport office in Atlanta gave him an appointment for 9:00 a.m. on the day of our flight with no guarantee that he would get a passport that day. Our flight transfers at JFK and departs from Atlanta at 2:35.

His passport was processed in Portsmouth, New Hampshire - after some searching he found a post on Reddit that listed the phone number for that office. He called (on a Friday evening) and talked to a very kind person who took the tracking number for his new photo to match it with his passport. If all goes well, he may have a new passport next week, just in time for our travels.

Lesson learned - make sure that your passport photo meets all of the requirements! His had a shadow which may have been why it was rejected - we used a phone app and printed it at home (for both of our passports.) His second photo was done at CVS.

We're hopeful - we've canceled several trips and if we have to reschedule this one, that's what we'll have to do...everything can be canceled.

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It looks like things are going better these days. I mailed mine into Philadelphia on Oct. 2 and my new passport was in my mail box on Oct. 19. I just hope things go as smoothly next Sept. when we take the trip.

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I had my local โ€œShip It!โ€ store send my passport renewal information by USPS Priority Flat-Rate on October 14 at a cost of $20. To my surprise my new passport came in the mail today, November 6.

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That's great jdzylstra! It seems that the process has been improved recently!

My husband finally got his as well - just in time for our trip!

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My wifeโ€™s standard renewal form, dour pic, check for $110 was priority mailed to Phllly on 7/26/21 with help from our local PO senior clerk. State acknowledged receipt of the application on 8/18/21 and cashed the check. Belated but good signs. Their online passport status said in process for many weeks. Wife registered for update pings in their system, she says none received. Today 11/09/21 the new renewal passport showed up in the mailbox! :). She is good for another ten years, or at lest nine and a half. Status of the old hole punched passport unknown. Our government is like an old clock, sometimes it runs just fine.

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Sent my husbandโ€™s passport off for renewal on October 20 and with expedited service + fastest shipping both ways, we got it back today! November 19th! So happy we do not have to stress about this over the holidays. We needed it back by January 27th for a Caribbean cruise we are taking.

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Passport renewal mailed 9/18/21 to Irving,Texas routine $110 fee in priority mail envelope,passport received today 11/26/21, day after Thanksgiving mailed from Portsmouth, NH. Travel dates listed for January 2022 but doubt that had anything to do with service!