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Passport Expiration Date

I have a trip planned at the end of March '08 and just noticed that my passport expires in September '08. Am I going to have a problem with this, somewhere I read it needs to be within 6 months of the expiration date?

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Rick just poseted an article under "Traveler News" and March updates expalaining many countries may have an issue if its expired 3-6 mon AFTER your home. They may not check but they may not let you in if they do. But check the list of countries...

From Rick
"Some red-tape issues are popping up throughout the Continent. A number of countries require your passport to be valid for 3-6 months after your ticketed date of return: the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Portugal, and Switzerland; while this law is rarely enforced, occasionally a traveler with a passport about to expire is not allowed to enter a country."

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Hi Judy,
If you're headed to Europe, I think you may need that 6 months. Maybe you can check with a travel agent?

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I would suggest rather than the travel agent is to check specifically for the countries you are traveling to. Most have a website that will advise what their policies are.

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Hi Judy,
Definitely check on these rules. They may not check, but several years ago my aunt was not allowed to fly to the Netherlands because her passport expired within their 3 or 6 month window requirement. She boarded her first flight ok, which was to Dallas, but they wouldn't let her on the plane from Dallas to the Netherlands. This was a Saturday, so they had to spend 2 nights in Dallas and go to the Consulate to get her a new passport when it opened on Monday which I'm sure cost quite a lot. So it cost a lot of money, plus they lost some time on their trip. You might be ok, but make sure you check because you won't want that to happen.

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They are getting real particular on the time frame. Two of my friends had to re-schedule there trip to Italy because their passport expiration date was not within the six months as noted by US Customs. There is a possibility of getting your passports renewed in time for your trip but you will have to go online to passport renewal and there is a link that gives you an option for last minute renewing. Check it out, I wouldn't take any chances. Good luck.