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Passport Drama--14 weeks later...

I sent in my passport to be renewed on March 31st for a July 9th trip, figuring I was safe since the web site said it would take 6 weeks at that time. After 11 weeks, I started the torturous task of hunting it down. Talked to a rep on the 877 number everyday for a week after waiting an hour+ each time on hold, then spent 4 hours trying to set up a walk-in appointment last Sunday on the utterly ridiculous phone system...the closest office I could find was Houston and I live in Salt Lake City. Got fed up, called my Senators, waited 5 more days and was told I'd have it July 5th. It finally came today. Moral of the story: DO NOT wait to send in your passport application or renewal. It took amost 14 weeks to get mine and an intervention from my senator's office and mine was just a renewal and my fingerprints are already on file with the feds! My old one's cancellation date is July 3rd, I have no doubt if I hadn't called my congressman that I would not have been going on my trip. Don't waste any time on the phones, call your senators.

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