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Passport Delays (Not in our case...)

Regarding the "passport mess" and delays in acquiring passports, I'd like to relate my recent experience.
We recently decided to add our 15 yr. old son on our trip to the U.K. in October and since his passport expires in September, we had to hustle around and get his passport renewed. We thought it was going to be a big hassle and were worried about the delays, but we downloaded the application online, had the proper documents and his old passport, and took everything (filled out, of course) to the local, small-town (Sublimity, OR) post office. We requested an expedited passport and the whole thing took less than 15 minutes. The lady who worked at the post office said she wouldn't charge us for overnighting everything (from or to us) because it hadn't been necessary as far as she knew. We paid extra for the expedited passport renewal, but it was not outrageous. The passport arrived within a week & 1/2. My son said if we'd overnighted the documents his passport would've arrived before we left the post office! This was the fastest we've ever had a passport arrive.
Sherry (Salem, OR)

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I don't know where it went or how this happened, but I'd be careful telling others about your great experience. This morning the news was saying they've upped the time to 12 weeks minimum and to expect delays. We applied in March and didn't have it until 10 calls to the State Dept. to expedite after 10 weeks and much praying. My family in Texas ended up (after the same experience) having to go to Colorado to stand in line and get theirs. After 3 weeks of their passports being in "Expediting" they showed up the day after they left. You are so blessed to have gotten one quick delivery about of a million.

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My passport came in about 8 weeks and my husband's in about 12. Just start early and you'll be fine. I'd give it at least 6 months, then you can breathe easy! Good luck everyone!

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It seems like if you are renewing your passport you get it back a lot sooner then getting a new one. My passport expires next June so I'm going to renew it soon.

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My passport was due to expire in Oct. of this year. But since I was going to be in Spain in April/May of this year. Immigration would not accept my passport if it was due to expire less than six months. So back in December of 06 I renewed it. I got it back within a few weeks. I think that because it was a renewal, it was a lot easier. Although, my mother applied for her first one at the same time and she got it very quickly. This mess with passports is awful. I had a friend whose son had to cancel his trip losing about $500 in the process. Good luck

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I still have not received my passport and I applied three months ago. I keeping checking the status and they say it's "in process". Meanwhile, my husband renewed his in two weeks. From what I've heard, renewing a passport these days isn't that bad, it's trying to get a passport for the first time that will make you weep! Give yourself at least two more months time than they recommend.

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I have to agree - renewing a passport seems to be more expedient at the current time than getting one in the first place.
Also, before anyone else "harshes my buzz," I'm just relating our experience here and how we were lucky to have such an easy experience. And to give people a little smidgeon of hope that the passport situation isn't quite as dire as it has been. My adivce is: have all your ducks in a row (assemble the necessary info), apply early, and make sure the person accepting and processing your materials knows exactly what you want (regular processing, expedited, overnight mailing, etc.)
However, it IS the U.S. government, so just because something runs smoothly ONCE, doesn't mean it's a habit!!!

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No problems here! We applied for my son's passport right before 4th of July for a November trip. It arrived 6 weeks later.

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We recently (October '07)requested passports. One renewal (myself) and two new (our children). Went to local post office to submit, paid nothing extra for expediting, our trip was exactly 11 weeks away so we thought we would take our chances. Received all three passports (each in their own envelope) exactly 8 working days from when we went to the post office. I am NOT kidding, 8 working days. We could not believe it. Just wanted to share. I consider ourselves VERY lucky!

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Congratulations to all of you who received your passports with little hassle. By the sounds of it, the government has finally got a handle on this, and the process is working much smoother now.